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Freeze Away Fat Cells and Shape Your Body with CoolSculpting

Dieting and working out don’t always help get rid of those extra inches. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary non-invasive fat-reduction solution that can get rid of fat for good.


CoolSculpting uses cooling technology to noticeably eliminate fat without surgery. CoolSculpting targets and freezes fat cells causing their natural death in the treatment area. It’s completely non-invasive so there is no cutting, no needles and no anesthesia. Typically, you’ll see a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area after one visit, which can last between one and three hours, but you may appreciate even more fat reduction with additional treatments.



Coolsculpting is the proven non-surgical fat reduction treatment that delivers undeniable results. It’s FDA-cleared, safe and backed by clinical testing. You can lose that stubborn fat without special diet, surgery, supplements or downtime. Some patients may experience temporary pain or discomfort.

CoolSculpting results are lasting, as long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle. The fat cells that are eliminated from CoolSculpting do not return.

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution for people who are obese. It works best for those who are within 1-20 pounds their target weight and enjoy an active lifestyle, but can’t seem to lose pockets of stubborn fat around their middle. Good candidates have noticeable bulges in certain areas they’d like to get rid of..