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PRP Injection Therapy for Hair loss

Hair loss is caused by a combination of genetics and hormones. While it’s more common in men than women, approximately fifty percent of men over the age of 50 suffer from male pattern baldness.

Are you in the early to moderate stages of hair loss? Have you lost faith in the science of hair regeneration when the plugs, foams, oral medications and shampoos didn’t work? While you may not be looking for miracles, you are probably looking for progressive improvement.

We have good news! First of all, you are not alone. PRP is a revolutionary non-surgical regrowth therapy which is giving millions of hair loss patients like you optimism about the possibility of real hair regeneration. Let us show you how this exciting breakthrough therapy can provide you with results and a brighter future with the possibility of hair regrowth.

PRP Hair Treatment Procedure

The PRP injectable procedure is so effective, you can have it on your lunch break with little to no down time. The hour-long therapy starts with drawing your blood. Your platelet rich plasma (PRP) will be isolated from your blood.

Your head will be locally anesthetized and the mixture will be injected into different areas of your scalp. This micro-needling effectively injects stem cells into your hair follicles to stimulate growth factors to reproduce similar types of cells. This will effectively trigger your sleeping hair follicles to wake up. The function of using the pig bladder is to trick your body into thinking your scalp cells are in a pre-birth state, which reactivates them. It will make your existing hair stronger, and in many cases it will generate new growth.

PRP injections will act as an antidote to help prevent further hair loss and will help restore your hair. A protective barrier will form on your scalp to protect your remaining healthy hair-growing cells. The surrounding tissue will then be duplicated, allowing healthy hair-growing stem cells to duplicate and your hair will start to return. In many cases, this breakthrough hair restoration technique has dramatically multiplied the number of hair follicles in areas that had previously been thinning.

With little to no downtime, you will be able to return to your normal routine the same day as your procedure. Regrowth can start to show over the course of several months. PRP Hair Treatment is not restricted to the scalp. Thinning, uneven or scarred eyebrows and facial hair can also benefit from this type of therapy.